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1. Screen shot from inspect element 

  • Sometimes, we need to capture the screen shot of entire page or a specific element only. Then, you can capture the screenshots from your inspected <div> or any other element by folloeing this steps.
    1. First you need to select the element ( Even you can select <body> tag to capture the entire screen also).
    2. Then, Go to the source tab of inspect element and press  ctrl+shift+p then write node and select Capture node screen shot and screen shot will be automatically downloaded.

2. Get Element object in console easily

  • If you want get particular element object in the console fast then you follow this steps:
      1. First you need to select the element .
      2. Then you will see == $0 as shown in below screenshot.
      3. the you can access it like this in screenshot below as javascript and jQuery also.

3. Quick copy paste area for temporary text

  • Sometimes, you have some quick temporary important text to use after sometime, So here is the quick note type view in chrome when you write this URL in address data:text/html, <html contenteditable> then you see editable html page. like below You can bookmark in bookmark bar for the faster use. 

4. Easy detect any site information 

  • If you want to know that in which language particular site created and some other domain stuffs. Then, Here is the best extension for the chrome and firefox browser.
    1. You just need to add this extension to your browser and when you go any site than you will see the logo of the language at the right side of address bar and where you click on that then you get all amazing information.
    2. look at the screenshot below:

5. Awesome screenshots for quick edit 

  • Awesome screenshot extension is the amazing extension. You can captire image and edit it by editing toolbar to explaining better to the clients. Even you can edit local images also and many functions you can get it on chrome/firefox extensions Check below screenshots:

So this are 5 amazing basic tools make you quick fast development experience

Happy Coding

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